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Stavanger:Excursion to Rogaland Anorthosite Province and Magma Geopark


Would you like to join us for a trip to selected locations within the Neoproterozoic Rogaland Anorthosite Province (RAP) which is located along the coast of southwestern Norway ?


RAP covers an onshore area of about 1750 km2, and a similar area offshore. The RAP comprises a number of massif-type anorthosite bodies, the Bjerkreim-Sokndal Layered Intrusion and a range of other noritic and jotunitic to charnockitic intrusions. Some of the noritic intrusions, such as Tellnes and Storgangen, constitute world class deposits of ilmenite, and the Bjerkreim-Sokndal Intrusion contain important prospects for both apatite, ilmenite and vanadian magnetite (NGU).  

Guide: Pål Thjømøe, Manager Magma Geopark



08:30 Departure Stavanger bus station (Stavanger Byterminal, Viking Pub)
08:45 Short Stop at Sandnes bus station (Vågen 33, main entrance)
09:35 Arrival Storeknuten
11:35 Departure Storeknuten Lunch on the buss
12:35 Arrival Rekefjord
13:05 Departure Rekefjord
13:20 Arrival Jøssingfjord
13:50 Departure Jøssingfjord
15:00 Arrival Egersund Granit (Hellvik)
16:00 Departure Egersund Granit (Hellvik)
16:45 Arrival Sandnes
17:00 Arrival Stavanger

Lunch: Participants will have to bring their own food and drink. Stops at cafeterias etc. are not planned.


Price: NOK 100,00. Sign up before June 12 12:00 hrs.

For more info: contact Eli Østensen, eli.ostensen@npf.no.



Storeknuten: Storeknuten is located approx 20 km NE of Egersund in the Bjerkreim – Sokndal Layered Intrusion – the biggest layered intrusion in Northern Europe. Storeknuten is a layered sequence of gabbronorites, plagioclase cumulates, thin Ilmenite layers and Troktolite (Olivine and plagioclase). Individual layers formed as a result of cooling, fractionation and repeated injection of new magma.

Rekefjord: Located on the Rogaland coast approx. 30 km SE of Egersund. Rekefjord comprises the boundary between the Helleren Anorthosite and the Eia- Rekefjord Intrusion. The late Eia-Rekefjord jotunites intrudes the boundary between the Helleren Anorthosites and the Åna-Sira anothosite bodies.

Jøssingfjord: Located on the Rogaland coast approx. 35 km SE of Egersund. Represents a unique anorthosite fjord landscape formed by successive glaciations.

Egersund Granit (Hellvik): Located near Egersund this open pit mine produces an anorthosite variant (Blue Antique) which is used as ornamental stone as well as building stone. This stone is simillar to Labradorite known from Canada and shows the same labradorizing properties. 



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