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18th European Gas Conference

STAVANGER, Clarion Hotel Energy , 13.06.2017 - 14.06.2017

18th European Gas Conference 2017

Stavanger, Norway, 13th and 14th June 2017, Clarion Energy Hotell,

Norwegian Petroleum Society in cooperation with Conventor.



This year’s European Gas Conference will focus on viable and realistic business models for energy companies along the value chain in a more decarbonized European Energy Market. An Energy market in a transformative process requires agile and balanced response from upstream, midstream and downstream energy companies within a foreseeable future. This goes along with vigil policies and regulations to secure efficient energy supplies to European consumers.

In this perspective, the conference will gather together insights from the global and European energy market, from regulators, from commercial natural gas players along the value chain, from independent observers to this transformative process and finally from economic and financial analysts.

The outlook for Natural Gas in the European and global energy markets will be presented along with a global perspective for natural gas and climate change policies. The EU will broaden this market perspective with their view on incentives and regulations.

Mid- and downstream natural gas companies will present their views on the necessary transformation of business models in a more decarbonized European Energy market. What will the role of Natural Gas be in the upcoming European energy mix? Likewise, natural gas producers will elaborate on viable and realistic business models in response to these changes in the energy market. Independent observers will make their “outside-in” reflections on the different natural gas players along the value chain in this evolving transformed energy market; the frontrunners and their characteristics.

Last but not least, the conference will emphasise on the economic perspectives of this transformation towards a more decarbonized European energy market. This transformation will have substantial capital requirements – what will be the capital needed, who will finance these requirements and how will these players be shaped to be able to implement these investments?    


Our sponsors:

Norwegian Petroleum Society (NPF) in cooperation with Conventor AS
Clarion Energy Hotel, Stavanger
Ishockeyveien 2
4021 Stavanger, Norway

Tel: +47 51 34 78 00
E-mail: cl.energy@choice.no
Conference registration:
Please register online, or send an e-mail to:
Conference fee:
NOK 6 900,- for NPF - personal members (+ 25 % VAT.)
NOK 8.400,- for non-members (+ 25% VAT.)
Separate registration for the conference dinner: NOK 890,- (+25 % VAT.)

The conference fee includes:
- Conference papers
- Coffee/tea
- Lunches

Hotel rooms:
We have pre-booked hotel rooms for our participants.
Price: NOK 1 290,- (incl. VAT) for single rooms and NOK 1 390,- (incl. VAT) for double rooms.
To obtain this price you must book your room directly with the hotel by e-mail: charlotte.pedersen@choice.no and give the booking code: 8436
Conference paper:
Presentations from the conference will be available on the Internet after the end of the conference. Delegates will be informed when available by e-mail.

Programme changes:
It is sometimes necessary to change the timing of the programme.  The conference organiser will not be liable for any such unavoidable changes.

Payment can be done upon registration by credit card, or by choosing invoice.

Cancellation fee NOK 2000,-
Cancellations made after May 13 (1 month before conference) will be reimbursed with 1/2 of the conference fee.
The full conference fee will apply for all cancellations after June 1.

In the case of cancellation of the conference by the Norwegian Petroleum Society, (NPF), the participant will be refunded the conference fee and/or the exhibition fee.
Other expenses the participants may have are not refunded and is not the responsibility of NPF.

Project Manager: Erling Holmefjord 
Mob: 913 56 012



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