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Stavanger: Barents Sea the new frontier – focus on Alta, Gohta and Loppa High

STAVANGER, Norsk Oljemuseum , 13.06.2017

Dag Mustad, Project Manager from Lundin Norway AS, presents:


Barents Sea the new frontier – focus on Alta, Gohta and Loppa High


The presentation highlights the Lundin Norway focus on the Barents Sea since 2011. New geological models and new technology is matured to unfold the potential in the area.

Continued exploration program and the field development focus for Alta and Gohta is emphasizing willingness and eager to establish a long term presence in the Barents Sea. Developing limited volumes in this region requires good working relationships with the service industry, regional as well as central authorities and other operators in the area. Various projects are ongoing to secure safe, environmentally sound and cost effective solutions for future development and operations.


Date: Tuesday 13.06.17
Time: 19:30 (doors open at 19:00)
Location: Norsk Oljemuseum, second floor

The meeting will be in English
Refreshment and snacks from Bølgen & Moi.

Open meeting - no registration necessary!

For more information: Sidsel Dagestad, secretary, NPF Stavanger,  E-mail: sod@npf.no



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