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Stavanger: Breaking Old Ground - challenging the Truths of our Time

STAVANGER, Norsk Oljemuseum , 29.08.2017

Most of the greatest oil fields have been found as a result of successful exploration drilling near surface oil seeps, both onshore and offshore. However, this seemingly successful voyage has not been a straightforward story and history is littered with disastrous examples of where these Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators have been ignored by management, due to the prevailing wisdom (truths) and technical advice of their, so-called, “experts”. If we don’t learn these lessons from history, then we are doomed to repeat these expensive failures, re-drill costly wildcats or miss overlooked opportunities. We, as an industry, cannot afford to do this, especially in the current price environment.

The advancement (or otherwise) of geological thinking through time will be briefly reviewed, together with several published industry look backs, concluding with some important learnings from around the world, set with in a sequence stratigraphic context. Global eustatic sea level fluctuations are directly responsible for the distribution of some of the major reservoir prone intervals (especially in deep water settings) throughout the geological past and the resultant sand fairways are completely predictable. Examples of these will be demonstrated during the course of the presentation. The importance of repeated glacial loading and unloading (uplift) on the very recent redistribution of hydrocarbons of the NCS (and also UKCS) will also be touched upon and the exploration and economic implications of these observations briefly discussed.

Talk Outline:

• The importance of look backs • Famous geological truths in history • Published industry look backs • Sequence stratigraphy, Milankovich cycles and reservoir prediction • Effects of glaciations and uplift on petroleum accumulations • Porosity depth trends • Drill deeper exploring older petroleum systems • Conclusions


Date: Tuesday 29.08.17
Time: 19:30 (doors open at 19:00)
Location: Norsk Oljemuseum, second floor

The meeting will be in English
Refreshment and snacks from Bølgen & Moi.

Open meeting - no registration necessary!

For more information: Sidsel Dagestad, secretary, NPF Stavanger,  E-mail: sod@npf.no



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