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Stavanger: Wine & Geology

STAVANGER, Stavanger Hall, Clarion Hotel Stavanger , 07.12.2017

Jørn Harald Hurum presents:

"Death and survival in the Early Triassic"


Emil Heimdal will guide us through the wine tasting




Jørn Harald Hurum is a Norwegian paleontologist and popularizer of science. He holds an Associate Professor position at the Natural History Museum. This evening Mr. Jørn Harald Hurum will present: "Death and survival in the Early Triassic".


The wine tasting is presented by Emil Heimdal. Emil was educated as a sommelier by Gastronomisk Institutt in Stavanger in 2000. Since then he has worked as sommelier and manager with several of Stavanger’s best restaurants. In addition Emil has held many seminars and presentations according various themes of wine.


Previous work on Triassic marine reptiles from Svalbard demonstrates that they are crucial in understanding the evolution of ichthyosaurs globally. However, no major field-based research program has been conducted on Triassic reptiles in Svalbard for a century since the first important discoveries were made by the Swedes. This has now changed. While other fossiliferous Triassic sites are known around the World, this bonebeds are unique in its Early Triassic position (more than 247 million years old, still waiting for absolute dating) and will within a few years contribute largely to the understanding of the recovery of the marine ecology after the biggest extinction of them all - the Permian-Triassic extinction. Three fieldworks in Flowerdalen, Spitsbergen, Svalbard (2014-16) and its vicinity have yielded an unforeseen amount of new vertebrate taxa from the Early Triassic Vikinghøgda Formation and Middle Triassic Botnheia Formation. So far the material has been the studied in four Master theses. In 2014 and 2015 Botnheia Formation was collected and two main quarries were made. Several mixosaurid skeletons were excavated and one large cymbospondylid. In the uppermost Vikinghøgda Formation a bonebed with large ichthyopterygians were collected. The collection consists of more than 500 vertebrae, 400 limb elements and 250 skull and jaw elements.

A rich bonebed in the lower part of the Vikinghøgda formation, most likely the Grippia layer of Wiman and Stensiö, was found in 2014, partly excavated in 2015 and the main focus in 2016. A large excavation was made in this layer. In two weeks the team dug 70 metric tons of shale out of the quarry by hand to uncover the bonebed. The reward was 800 kilos of bones of sharks, lungfish, amphibians, and several enigmatic early marine reptiles. This is by far the biggest find in the World of the strange marine reptile Omphalosaurus (about 1000 vertebrae, numerous jaws, skull bones and limb bones). Another discovery was more than a thousand vertebra, limb bones and skull fragments all most likely attributed to Grippia. Grippia is a legendary early ichthyosaur seen by many as the primitive ancestor of all later ichthyosaurs. The material has so far been limited to a handful of concretions with partial skeletons housed in the Museum of Evolution in Uppsala. 


The registration is binding and starts September 25


Date: Thursday December 7, 2017

Venue: Stavanger Hall, Clarion Hotel Stavanger

Registration/aperitif: 18.30-19.00

Three-course dinner from Kitchen & Table is served after the wine tasting



Members: NOK 500 per person

Non members: NOK 800 per person

Table reservation for companies (10 seats): NOK 7.500

For more information please contact: Sidsel Dagestad 

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