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Stavanger: Statoil’s current and future focus on renewable energy

STAVANGER, Norsk Oljemuseum , 14.11.2017

Stian Flørenæs, Vice President Finance and Control, NES (New Energy Solutions), Statoil - presents:

«Statoil’s current and future focus on renewable energy»



Statoil has been active within renewable energy during the past 10 year, but in 2015 the renewable unit was established with a mandate at the Corporate Executive Committee represented by EVP Irene Rummelhoff. Since then, Statoil has continued its investments within offshore wind – both bottom fixed as well as floating. In addition, Statoil has recently announced a first step into Solar.

At the Capital Markets Update early 2017, Statoil announced its intention to grow the activity into renewable energy with an ambition to invest around 15-20% of the total company’s investments in 2030 within profitable renewable investments. The presentation will focus on the current and future opportunities.


Date: Tuesday 14.11.17
Time: 19:30 (doors open at 19:00)
Location: Norsk Oljemuseum, second floor

The meeting will be in English
Refreshment and snacks from Bølgen & Moi

Open meeting - no registration necessary!

For more information: Sidsel Dagestad, secretary, NPF Stavanger,  E-mail: sod@npf.no



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